Phil Berg & Ellen MarianiA true fighter for the republic, Attorney Phil Berg, has taken up legal arms against the Federal Government on several occasions, including two RICO cases against the Bush administration for its complicit role, or conscious failure to act regarding the attacks on September 11th. This former Pennsylvania Deputy Attorney General is currently representing Ellen Mariani — a 9/11 widow whose husband was last seen boarding Flight 175 which, according to the official report, had crashed into the 2nd tower of the World Trade Center. The lawsuit was filed against President Bush and several high level members of the Bush administration based upon: prior knowledge of 9/11; knowingly failing to act, prevent or warn of 9/11; and the ongoing obstruction of justice by covering up the truth of 911 -- all in violation of the laws of the United States.

Phil Berg & William RodriguezBerg's second RICO case against the current administration was filed on behalf of 9/11 survivor and rescue hero William Rodriguez — a former maintenance worker at the WTC who single-handedly saved 15 people on that historic day and was the last to leave the North Tower alive. The lawsuit charged that the administration and other US political heads, law officials, governmental departments, corporations and contractors were either complicit in the attacks, or consciously let them happen in order to push forth their own tyrannical, political and personal agendas, which just happened to be outlined in the Project for a New American Century's 2000 report entitled "Rebuilding America's Defenses". The case was shot down by the Supreme Court [big surprise there] soon after it was entered in October 2004. The court ruled that it was improper jurisdiction, since it was filed in Pennsylvania, and referred it back to the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, which is part of the Air Transportation Safety and System Stabilization Act (ATSSSA), and states that the SDNY shall have original and exclusive jurisdiction over all actions regarding the attacks in lower Manhattan.

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Phil BergPhilip Berg has been a fighter for individual rights for many years and is proud that he often donates time as a "pro bono" attorney on many occasions.

Phil practices at a very busy law office in Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania. Lafayette Hill is a community located in between the birthplace of our nation Philadelphia, and Valley Forge, where the battle for freedom was ultimately won.

Phil has handled a number of significant cases throughout his legal career.

Phil Berg was highly involved in challenging the 2000 presidential election, spending three intense weeks in Florida investigating voting irregularities. He had formally demanded the voluntary disbarment of three Supreme Court Justices (December 12, 2001 letter) due to their conflict of interests in that decision. He was in the process of filing formal legal complaints when September 11th happened and ended that efffort.

Phil Berg has been very active in the community
A candidate for U.S. Senate in 2000, for Governor of Pennsylvania in 1990 and 1998 and
Lt. Governor in 1994; State Committeeperson, eight years; and Committeeperson for thirty one years

A Former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania for eight years

A Founding Board Member, President and Board Member of The Wellness Community - Philadelphia (cancer patients fighting for their own recovery, with all services provided free); current Honorary Board Member and former Board Member of the Terri Lynne Lokoff Day Care Foundation; and member of The Lions Club

Current Lieutenant, Fire Police, Barren Hill Volunteer Fire Company and a volunteer member for past 22 years; former Secretary to the Board and Board Member of Valley Forge Convention & Visitors Bureau for 4 years; Alumni Representative for the Philadelphia area for the College of Law, University of Toledo for the past thirty-three (33) years; NAACP-Life member; ACLU member; NRA-Life member

Past member of the Retail Clerks Union, Local 1357 for five years

Phil BergAn attorney since 1971, Phil Berg was a Law Clerk to the late Honorable Joseph Sloane, Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia; and a Lecturer, Community College of Philadelphia, after having served as a Graduate Assistant at the University of Toledo Community Technical College 1968-1969 while attending law school; a substitute teacher for the Philadelphia School District in
1967 and 1970.

Phil fought successfully (pro bono) on appeal for the rights of a woman who was found guilty of Disorderly Conduct and fined $171 by arguing that she had a Constitutionally protected right of Freedom of Speech, a case that received world-wide and national attention.

Phil Berg takes special pride in having represented his son, Ian, now 27, who, at age 16, filed as a candidate for District Justice in Pennsylvania. A Court challenge was filed claiming he was violating child labor laws and he was precluded from being on the ballot until Phil took the case to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania that granted his son the right to be on the ballot.

Phil represented PAWS (Performing Animal Welfare Society) located in Galt, California, 1994 to 1997 (pro bono) in a fight to protect the rights of elephants. Phil filed suit on 8/1/95 against the Federal Government (USDA) to protect circus elephants because of the constant abuse that occurs to elephants. Case was highlighted on 20/20 and Inside America's Courts.

In March 1997 Phil was successful in his "pro bono" effort for 19-year-old Adrienne Buckwalter, the youngest member of the Spring-Ford School Board, whose nominating petitions for election as School Director were challenged.

In 2000, Phil Berg was the first and only attorney to date, in the United States to defeat "Cell Phone" legislation after successfully challenging the law "pro bono" in Hilltown Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, said law attempted to ban the use of hand held cell phones while driving.

J.D., University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio 1970
B.S., Temple University, Philadelphia, PA 1967

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