Alex JonesAlex Jones is an award winning syndicated talk radio host based in Austin, Texas, and the founder of the highly informative and revealing websites and His life's work has been dedicated to exposing the criminal activities of the New World Order, and helping to wake-up Americans who keep eating the processed, pre-packaged propaganda that the mainstream press feeds to them, as well as the cunning insertions of government agendas and viewpoints both hidden and blatant in network television shows and Hollywood films.

As a dedicated Christian and hardworking documentarian, Alex has opened the eyes of millions to the impending oppression and the series of events that have, and are leading up to it. He has quickly become an integral part of the Resistance and continues to be an inspiration to would-be patriots around the globe thanks to: 1) his radio show which makes its way into hundreds of thousands of homes around the world every afternoon via the internet and over 40 AM and FM radio stations across the nation, and most of all through 2) the distribution of his explosive, in-depth documentaries which are jam-packed with detail and provide hard, undeniable evidence that the powerful "global elite" are planning unspeakable atrocities to unleash upon the world and more importantly upon the American public. In contrast to many filmmakers, Alex encourages the duplication of his work to be handed out [always for non-profit purposes], because in his eyes, the message is much more important than monetary gain.

Bohemian Grove Cremation of Care RitualIn the Summer of 2000, Alex infiltrated Bohemian Grove: a 2700-acre private retreat for the world's most powerful and wealthy politicians, intelligence officials, CEOs, actors, and other influential figureheads set back within an ancient redwood forest located in Northern California. Jones and his friend, Ken Hanson, basically walked right past the guards into the camp area dressed in preppy gear and armed with a hidden camera. When they emerged, the result was several hours of footage from inside the Grove, which included the opening ceremony, The Cremation of Care: a ritual where the players--adorned in red hooded robes--recite creepy-ass dialogue that is boomed out of a PA system. In a scene right out of Eyes Wide Shut [minus all the naked women], the players and crowd await "death" who floats in on a raft via the river, and then delivers an effigy of a human which is then sacrificed on an altar that rests at the foot of a 40-foot statue of an owl-god named Moloch [Molech]. This exposé of the Bohemian Club encampment is the first known footage of what goes on during the yearly two-week Summer retreat, whose members and guests include such people as: Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr. & Jr., Henry Kissinger, Clarence Thomas, Chris Matthews, Colin Powell, and Donald Rumsfeld, to name a few.

9-11: The Road to TyrannyThe Alex Jones landmark film has definitely got to be 9-11 The Road to Tyranny. Released only months after the murders of nearly 3,000 people in Manhattan, DC, and Pennsylvania, Alex provides articles in major newspapers, mainstream news channel editorials, interviews with federal prosecutors, public statements by the president, and mountains of other evidence which directly point to coverups in the attacks of September 11th, and even the Oklahoma City bombing. Alex also shows us a startling image of the not too distant future -- American and foreign troops taking over American cities, confiscating firearms, rounding up civilians and processing them into detention camps! You think, "It can't happen here?" Well, guess what? It IS happening here! [Can you say 'New Orleans'?] This film proves it on many levels, and there's just no two ways about it once you've seen Road to Tyranny from beginning to end. The reactions from many who have stomached the entire 2 hour 20 minute film for the first time are sleeplessness and loss of appetite, and an urgency to make plans to jump ship and move to somewhere in Europe. That quickly turns to an urgency to get involved, spread the word, and make copies of it to pass on to family and friends.

Martial Law | 9/11: Rise of the Police StateHis follow-up and probably best film to date is his latest production Martial Law / 9-11: Rise of the Police State. In it, Alex chronicles the latest developments regarding the government's Reichstag stunt on 9/11, and then gets deep in the trenches of the Naziesque Republican National Convention and amongst the protesters which filled the streets of New York City. Mr. Jones then gives you some background 411 on the Yale secret society Skull & Bones and the Bohemian Club, and then details for you these two organizations' origins leading back to late 19th Century Germanic Aryan Death Cults from which Adolf Hitler derived much of his ideology.

George Bush Sr.'s Skull & Bones PhotoMartial Law also gives you the history of the Bush family fortune through the research and words of renowned journalist Jon Buchanan, who labored through the National Archives studying every nook and cranny regarding Prescott Bush, the infamous father of George Sr., and his involvement in a 1942 indictment against individuals in the United States who planned to overthrow the US Government and install a Nazi dictator. From there, Alex shows you how the Bushs may get that accomplished through the use of their own political creation--California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Out of the dozen films that Alex has produced, this is by far his greatest accomplishment. Undoubtedly THE most hard-hitting exposé on 9-11 and its aftershocks, as well as on the history of our current dictator's family and elitist organizations they and other globalists belong to. Coupled with 9-11: The Road to Tyranny, you've got enough evidence to convict virtually the entire administration.

Aside from the films mentioned above, Alex has a good dozen titles to his name, and the production just keeps on coming.

For years people would call in or tell Alex in the street that he was crazy for thinking all of this - that he was a "conspiracy nut". Then on July 25th, 2001, Alex was live on his local cable broadcast show warning everyone that the government was planning on executing an attack against the American public, that they were planning on hitting the World Trade Center, and that they were going to blame it on al Qaeda & Bin Laden in order to begin a never-ending war in the Mid East, and then use the attack as an excuse to take away our rights and enslave us in a high-tech police state environment. He even called the impending attack an "Hitlerian Reichtag event", and had the numbers to the White House numbers up on the screen for people to call in to let them know that if/when this happened that we'd know who was really behind it. Then 9/11 happened less than a month and a half later. If only the amount of people who know about Alex Jones, his work and his radio show today had known about him back then, then maybe we wouldn't be in the pot we're simmering in right now.

Alex appeared in Richard Linklater's 2001 film, Waking Life, where he's featured driving solo through the city streets armed with his growling voice and a loudspeaker mounted like a turret atop his ride. A truly memorable moment for anyone who witnesses the genuinely furious rant.

Alex Jones in Waking LifeIn 2004, Alex received the Project Censored Award for his analysis of the USA Patriot Act, in which he points out all the unconstitutional injustices that the members of Congress weren't allowed to read before virtually being forced to pass it. Now we see the Patriot Act being used to do exactly what he warned us of: stripping us of our Constitutional rights and broadening the powers of the federal government and its attack dog intelligence outfits.

Some say that Alex's delivery is one that they find either hard-to-swallow or a bit in-your-face. But if he's adamant or unyielding while giving you this knowledge, it's because time is of the essence and getting this information out is of the utmost importance. This definitely isn't a game to him or to any of those who are aware of the grave situation at hand. And when Alex says, "It's deadly serious"... you'd better believe him!

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