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The Alex Jones Show | Alex's show is one of the most hard-hitting radio broadcasts you can find. Interviews with congressmen, British MI5 agents, Scottish Prime Ministers, intelligence officials, experts, scientists, whistleblowers, researchers, and anyone else you can think of reveal a transparent picture of a shocking history.
SHOW AIRS: M-F 12pm-3pm EST  
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Dead Line Live with Jack Blood | Much in the style of Alex Jones, when Jack gets on the mic, get ready to hear some scary ish that you thought you knew everything about. Jack's guests are of a high calibre and include "top experts, researchers, investigative reporters, historians, whistleblowers, and political 'policy makers' the world over", plus a "load of Neo Con CFR, Bilderberg, Think-Tank types, and NWO official spokespersons."  //  SHOW AIRS: M-F 3pm-5pm EST  =>  LISTEN

Jeff Rense Program | Jeff Rense is definitely the mellow, but very thorough, voice of reason. Covers such subjects as 9/11, Gannon-gate, the New World Order, Zionism, Neo-Cons, Mad Cow, the London Bombings, and other areas like UFOs and ghosts, and plays host to some of the top experts and eyewitnesses from around the world.
SHOW AIRS: M-F 10pm-1am EST  
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Democracy Now!
Democracy Now! | Democracy Now! gives you quite a bit of social and political news from across the country and the globe that you would never hear on mainstream channels. Hosted by Amy Goodman, Democracy Now! also includes excluxive interviews and investigations covering areas you can't find on any other televised news program.

Air America Radio | This is a pretty mainstream liberal station, but I was pleasantly surprised one night when I heard Janeane Garofalo on The Majority Report genuinely touching down on things like 9/11 being an inside job, pre-9/11 insider trading involving Krongard & the CIA, and Project Northwoods. Chuck D from Public Enemy hosts On The Real on Sunday nights as well. Definitely a good source of alternative information compared to the sea of Neo-Con talking heads.
SHOWS AIR: Mon-Sun 24/7