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Over the past few decades, many have put their reputations, careers, and lives on the line in the struggle to bring about mass awareness of the stark reality and discarded truth of the events that have--and still are--rapidly changing history. It seems that swimming against the current of mainstream thought and obedience tends to make one unpopular, and sometimes even a target for elimination. There's never a shortage of demonization tactics and smear campaigns directed at outspoken authors, artists, establishment figures, filmmakers, members of the media, and average citizens when they dare to give you the 411 on what's really going on behind the schemes. This is merely a small fraction of a massive resistance. It is their accomplishments, contributions and craft which are so greatly appreciated and admired by GTC, that we honor them by dedicating this section to their hard work and fearlessness in the hopes that others will find the same inspiration and follow their lead.
Alex Jones: Journalist/Radio Host/Documentarian/Researcher/Speaker/Patriot/Activist Chuck D: Lyricist/Radio Host/Speaker/Activist Charlie Sheen: Actor/9/11 Truth Advocate Dr. Steven E. Jones: Physics Professor/9/11 Researcher Ron Paul: US Congressman Mike Ruppert: Former LAPD/Author/Whistleblower/Researcher/Activist Sibel Edmonds: Former FBI Translator/Whistleblower/Activist
Phil Berg: Attorney at Law Danny Schechter: Journalist/Documentarian Sander Hicks: Author/Publisher/Speaker/Activist Jello Biafra: Lyricist/Singer/Speaker Ed Asner: Actor/Activist Cynthia McKinney: US Congresswoman/Activist Bill Moyers: Media Legend
Sage Francis: Lyricist/Poet Jon Stewart: Actor/Comedian/Television Host/Activist Bad Religion: Political Punk Rockers Immortal Technique: Lyricist/Activist Paris: Lyricist/Producer/Activist Michael Franti: Lyricist/Songwriter/Activist
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