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On September 11th, 2001 life as we know it in America changed... and not for the better. Since then, 9/11 has been an excuse and virtual license to disarm us of our liberties; give hundreds of $ billions in funding to the military & intelligence communities; invade sovereign nations; torture and imprison innocent foreign & US civilians without evidence or legal representation; take away our right to privacy through increased surveillance; and made it "un-American" to question the motives & actions of the ruling administration.
Over the past few years, reams of information have emerged regarding the events of 9/11 that not only point to a cover-up, but government involvement in the planning and execution of the events as well.
+Statements from the leaseholder of the World Trade Center saying that he gave the order
  to take down Building 7 were seen by millions on PBS.
+Countless first-hand accounts from eyewitnesses to explosions occurring in the Towers
  before the planes hit, while they were burning, right before they came down, and
  as they were collapsing have been aired and published.
+Conflicts between the official story and first-hand accounts regarding the Washington DC
  and Pennsylvania crashes have been heavily cited throughout the media.
+Incidents that disturbingly point to government foreknowledge and interference with the
  prevention of  the attacks and apprehension of al-Qaeda 'operatives' in the US have
  surfaced through whistleblowers within the FBI. Plus so much more.
Endless information has been uncovered and circulated in the hopes of exposing this massive deception that is leading America down the Highway to Hell on Earth. Contained herein are some of the most important facts that we think you should know about 9/11. So take a look around, and if you see something that sounds too hard to believe, then do what we did and RESEARCH IT FOR YOURSELF!
Like us, you'll discover that there's way more to it than anyone could possibly imagine.