Charlie SheenDefinitely no stranger to controversy, Charlie Sheen, believe it or not, is very informed about 9/11 and all the facts which conflict with the official story. Recently, he was a guest on the Alex Jones Radio Show where he displayed a wealth of knowledge regarding the subject, and even contributed with a remarkable story about a production assistant whose class was visited by a government agent who told them that they shouldn't question the official story. From the demolition of the towers, to the Pentagon crash--Sheen knew his material and held his own throughout the entire interview.

This interview with Alex Jones quickly circulated around the Internet, but saw a virtual corporate media blackout. That is, until CNN picked it up for a spot on their show Showbiz Tonight, where they featured a serious, unbiased, even-handed segment with excerpts from the interview that pertained to controlled demolitions, Bush's time-lag at the school in Florida, and several other core issues. For the segment, Showbiz Tonight asked Michael Berger from to come on and represent for the good guys. Of course, they had someone to rep for the other side, Nicole Rittenmeyer, a sexy young chick who was the supervising producer for the National Geographic Channel's miniseries Inside 9/11. Right off the bat, the host sided with the people who questioned the official story of 9/11.

There was no doubt that this interview would bring Sheen more heat and ridicule than he had received about the call girl/porn star and drug issues, but the most positive thing about this is that the message got out and into the mainstream through such a vehicle as CNN. Showbiz Tonight 's coverage of the Sheen/9-11 topic carried over into multiple episodes where more information was discussed, gaining more and more positive attention from viewers. The run abruptly ended one night before airing live when producers were told to "kill" the story. The cancelled segment was scheduled to have publisher Sander Hicks and renowned actor Ed Asner debate an "expert" who was expected to argue for the official story. That expert cancelled his appearance and then "higher ups" made the call. The segment and all future spots were dead in the water.

Ironically, two months later, and within 24 hours of the Pentagon's release of never-before-seen footage of the 9/11 attack in Washington, DC, that same news channel's primetime hit show 360° with Anderson Cooper went on the offensive. Since the release was brought on by a lawsuit filed by news media watchdog Judicial Watch, in which they hoped to "put to rest any conspiracy theories" that loomed about the Pentagon strike, this was the perfect opportunity to discredit the entire 9/11 truth movement and its accidental spokesman, Charlie Sheen. On May 17th, 2006, reported that representatives for Cooper's show contacted 9/11 truth advocate and WTC worker William Rodriguez, along with's Jimmy Walters and asked them to come on the show and discredit Sheen and use the new Pentagon footage as the evidence to debunk him. Of course both Rodriguez and Walters turned them down and so 360° instead went with the segment Polygamy: Hiding in Plain Sight.

More to come as this develops.

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