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On May 16th, 2006, after losing a legal battle with media watchdog Judicial Watch, under the Freedom of Information Act, the Pentagon released more frames from the original video, as well as new frames from a slightly closer camera. Pentagon officials stated that their change of heart was because the Zacarias Moussaoui trial was over, so the footage wasn't sensitive information anymore. The new footage shows what commentators are referring to as the "nose cone" of Flight 77, adding that "you can clearly see it," when it appears as an off-white pen-shaped blur with a black tip.
A sentiment initiated by Judicial Watch, and then repeated by all other media outlets, is that "this will put to rest all the conspiracy theories" surrounding 9/11. On the contrary, it raises even more questions, and comes off as a feeble, desperate attempt to dispel the accusations. Although some argue for the "no plane" theory, it is not a belief that the entire 9/11 truth movement is willing to stake its reputation on .