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American Free Press | "The American Free Press is a populist weekly newspaper that reports what the mainstream media will not." 
//-> And that's the fact, Jack! For real -- AFP is no joke. Very reputable and always on-target. Unadulterated news at it's best.
WorldNet Daily | " is an independent news site ... a watchdog exposing government waste, fraud, corruption and abuse of power - the mission envisioned by our founders and protected in the First Amendment of the Constitution." | Updated hourly, this is probably the biggest and most visited 'alternative' news sites on the web. I'm pretty sure that many of the other news sites get a good deal of their breaking news here, because it's always up on Infowars first. There are immense sections on 9/11 and prior knowledge, the police state, the web of high-tech security and surveillance, Freemasons, Illuminati, Bohemian Grove, and more.
Guerrilla News Network | "Underground organization working to expose people to global issues through guerrilla programming through music videos, articles, and investigative reports." //-> The hippest source of direct unabridged news that you'll ever find out there. GNN hosts exclusive documentaries, music videos, and exposés on some of the most important history of our time. GNN also features blogs & a forum as well. | Another great news site that covers everything happening in the world that we should all be concerned about, including information on 9/11, Iraq, Iran, mainstream media and so much more. Updated daily with extensive archives.
From The Wilderness | This is the site of LAPD whistleblower Mike Ruppert who in 1996 exposed the CIA on national television for selling drugs in urban neighborhoods in South Central Los Angeles to fund military operations in the Middle East. His site is full of inside scoops and news articles from around the globe pertaining to current world situations, and is updated daily. | Much like, Alex Jones brings you the goods with as well. Packed with news, analysis, special reports and audio from his syndicated radio show, which include interviews with top experts and eyewitnesses from around the world on subjects like 9/11, the Police State, DU [depleted uranium], the erosion of the Bill of Rights and tons more. | A sister site of, this is the online multi-media source that allows you to download all of Alex Jones' documentaries, video reports, e-books, and audio interviews from his radio show. You also get to watch and read documentaries and e-books from dozens of other film makers and authors. This is a subscription site that costs only $5.95/month to be a member, and it's definitely worth it.