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At first, the GTC idea was just a political cartoon that ended up making a pretty deep statement once the design was done. The design itself was conceived one night at around 3:30 am while playing San Andreas and waiting for it to load. I thought, "Yo, 'Grand Theft Country: America' would be hot as shit!" Then I realized the possibilities of getting others involved through something as simple as a design, and decided that I would start a t-shirt 'campaign' to wake people up to what really happened on September 11th. I had already been a researcher and purveyor of the truth behind 9/11, and came to the conclusion that this could be my way of using my skills to do my part and spark interest in those who have never even questioned the official story about the events that took place that day, because they're so wrapped up in celebrity gossip, reality television, false political choices, fabricated news stories, and state-sponsored fear tactics. So I sprang up and started working on the piece right away.
The design can be interpreted in many different ways, I guess--it's whatever you want it to mean. Many believe that the administration let it happen on purpose to start a war in the Middle East; and a great deal believe that certain people within the US government and various intelligence agencies were in fact complicit in the attacks. When you step back and put all the pieces together within the design, you get a stark statement that gets the point across, whatever that point may be.
The hope is that fellow truthsayers and patriots will get the shirt and wear it as much as possible to get more good people interested in what it's saying. That will in-turn get them to visit the site, peruse the information, and check out the featured resources
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so they can see the truth for themselves and go out and wake-up others.