Grand Theft Country Home
After coming up with the GTC t-shirt artwork & idea, the design for the site began. At first, I thought that I'd just compile links to resources that are available which were virtual libraries of knowledge that host information which isn't highlighted in the mainstream press. I realized that there were some specific findings and conclusions that I had discovered myself, and wanted them to be included and explained along with the info that was already largely available. So I started to write each section as a summation of some of the most important revelations about 9/11. As I did this, I wanted to make sure that I was correct with details like exact names, times, places, etc., and began to look up the facts. In my research, I had learned so much more than I could've possibly imagined about the not so well known circumstances regarding that day. Things I'd never heard of. Footage I had never seen. It made the task of creating content for the site ten times harder than I would've ever thought, and consequently has taken a bit longer to finish. I expect it to be an ongoing project that will update as new developments take place, and as more areas and subsections are completed.
As an American, I love my country just as much as any other true patriot. I love the people here, and it doesn't matter what race or religion they are, or what their sexual preference they might be. I support the Constitution and all its Amendments, and think of all men and women as created equal. What I don't find appealing are the despots at the top who sacrifice human souls in the blink of an eye to further agendas, and seem so hell-bent on destroying populations and conquering lands throughout the world. I also don't care for the mainstream media outlets who, for the most part, spread blankets of outright lies and disinformation across eachother's airwaves to follow the script of whatever foreign or domestic policies that we're constantly told to choke on whenever we read or hear something on the news that uses 9/11 as an excuse or reference to implement. Thousands died senselessly in the 2001 attacks, and thousands more continue to in the conflagrations that have resulted in their wake. We've plunged into a downward spiral and we're about to hit the ground hard.
I woke up pretty hardcore right after 9/11. Maybe the best thing about it is the fact that it's forcing others to wake up to the hidden reality as well. I have to do my part, and if I can do it with my talent, then that's all the better. At the same time, I have the opportunity to promote resources that have educated me, and have uncovered and promoted the truth through films, books, websites, music, spoken word, and radio broadcasts.
So thanks for taking the time to check out the site, and please be sure to check back periodically as more sections will be added every
week, along with more facts, views, and truth about the world we don't get to see, and the news we don't get to hear everyday.