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United 93's Alleged Flight Path
The morning of 9/11 a report came out from WCPO-TV that told of a plane being forced to land at Cleveland Hopkins Airport in Ohio at 10:45am. United Airlines had identified the plane as one of their own--Flight 93. The Mayor of Cleveland, Michael R. White, told reporters in a press conference that the emergency landing was due to concerns of a bomb on board, and that air traffic controllers heard screams as well. The flight held 200 passengers which remained on the plane after it landed, but were taken off by authorities a half-hour later. The airport and surrounding areas were subsequently evacuated. Later that day the original report was removed from the WCPO website. Luckily, local Ohioans were posting online reports of the news regarding this incident as they heard it that day on the radio and television.
Another plane, Delta 1989, was brought into the mix as well and was forced to land at Cleveland Hopkins at 10:20. The 69 passengers on that flight were evacuated after an hour and a half, only after the plane was surrounded then searched by the FBI. Passengers from Delta 1989 say that the plane was basically quarantined at the airport until 12:30pm when they were taken off the plane and brought to the FAA headquarters for questioning. According to witnesses, the 200 passengers from what was reported as Flight 93 were taken to the NASA Glenn Research Center next door.
Later in the day, Mayor White changed his tune, and all reports concerning Flight 93 had been shifted over to Delta Flight 1989 instead. The reports before this change stated that there were 69 passengers on Delta 1989, and 200 on United 93. By the end of the day United 93 was reported as crashing in Pennsylvania with only 45 people aboard, and Delta 1989 suddenly became full with 200 passengers.
It should be known that according to the official story, United Flight 93 made a sharp nearly 110 degree turn right over Cleveland shortly before it allegedly "crashed" in Shanksville, PA.
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