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There are literally HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of sites from around the globe that provide uncensored information on the current affairs of today, and even more so -- 9/11. These are lists of some of the top sites we think you should visit if you want to know more about what really goes on behind the scenes. Many were used along with countless other sources in the gathering of information for this site. So please -- investigate away!
Links to news sites -- many of which are updated daily. Get your dose of uncensored news and ground-breaking exposés on the disturbing reality that the mainstream media isn't allowed to tell you about. Ever wonder why "shit just doesn't sound right" when you hear it on "the news"? Then get the truth behind the headlines here.
Endless information about the events and cover-up of 9/11 are available on the sites contained herein. Everything you need to know -- from New York to Pennsylvania -- is right here for your perusal, including video & image archives, scientific analysis, eyewitness testimony, government documentation and much more.
Find out how you can get involved with what's becoming known as the "9-11 Truth Movement" right here. You'll find info on: RICO lawsuits against guilty parties; demonstrations; petitions; charities; awareness; education; and mobilization. These sites tell you how you can do your part and actually make a difference.