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David Schippers, John Ashcroft, Robert Wright, George Bush
Several FBI agents confided in David Schippers, the Special Prosecutor in the impeachment trial of Bill Clinton, and told him about the where and when of the coming attacks; that they've been blocked from investigations into suspects; and even the revelation of terrorist training camps in the US. Schippers tried several times, unsuccessfully, to relay this information to then Attorney General, John Ashcroft, who had never gotten back to him on any of his requests. President Bush had signed Executive Order W199-I, which basically told the FBI to back off and stated that any agents who interfere with the missions that these suspects were on would be arrested. After being threatened with this, FBI agent Robert Wright, along with Larry Klayman, President of Judicial Watch, got up on national TV and said, "We can't tell you what we know. Here's a letter threatening to arrest us," then added, "all we can [tell you] is the Bushs vacation with the Bin Ladens." The "Flight of Fancy", which provided dozens of Bin Laden family members with FBI-assisted flights out of the country, without interrogation, while private flights were still grounded, virtually solidifies this.
Even after all this, the FBI continues to share the blame with the CIA for "intelligence failures" on 9/11.
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