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The morning of 9/11, everyone watched in disbelief as two of the tallest, strongest, and most structurally solid buildings in the world fell from what the official report claimed was "fire". Maybe why everyone was in such shock is because steel skyscrapers just don't do that. Structural engineers, firemen, architects--all have said it's impossible for fire to cause a complete collapse of WTC 1&2. Just look at Madrid in 2005.
We learned through dozens of interviews with eye-witnesses, many of them cops and firefighters, that there were explosions going off in both towers before and during the destruction of the buildings, as well as just seconds before the first plane hit. We learned through the government's own tests that the fires caused by jet fuel couldn't get hot enough to melt steel.
More and more strong evidence that contradicts the official story comes out every day through mainstream press reports, investigative journalism, eyewitnesses, or through analysis of the photographic, video and audio footage of the "collapses". The more we learn, the more disturbing this story becomes.
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