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Dozens of eyewitnesses that were there that day - most of them firefighters and policemen - all said they heard bombs going off and explosions everywhere coming from inside the buildings. Scores of on-the-spot interviews detailing explosions, from before the planes struck until the time the towers came down, were played on television that day, never to be aired again. The media killed it, then buried it.
In the Naudet Brothers Documentary 9/11 - The Filmmakers' Commemorative Edition [the first known footage of the North Tower impact] two firefighters on the scene that day recall for the camera what they heard and saw. They described huge explosions and watching as each floor "started blowin' out, "one by one". Detailing it "as if they had detonators... planted to take down a building." "Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!" -- a succession of explosions "all the way down."
This sequence of floor-by-floor detonations allowed the towers to collapse at nearly free-fall speed. This means that the antenna from the North Tower hit the ground faster than a brick would've if dropped off the roof at the same time that it began to fall. Now, we're supposed to believe that there were no floors that resisted, which would've actually caused the collapse to slow, right?
All that was left of the buildings after the collapse was a two story pile of sheared-off steel beams and a desert storm of powdered concrete. What do you think could've caused that?
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