Grand Theft Country Home
So how did they collapse? Well, since those countless cameras were rolling that day, we have CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, and a dozen other news agencies to thank for catching each collapse -- and in different angles too. Not to mention all the amateur vids that were shot as well.

In almost every view of each collapse, you can see - plain as day - plumes of smoke, or what engineers call "squibs", blowing out the windows several floors below the collapsing levels. In other shots of film from closer to the base of the towers you can hear what sounds like a crackling succession of explosions as rows of charges blow out each floor. Enormous steel beams are seen being propelled over 30 meters straight out from the sides of the towers.
When you watch the collapse of the South Tower, you can see the top begin to tip. As soon as it tips, the floors below it start to blow out, and the top part of the tower seems to 'disappear' into the dust clouds. With each collapse you can see the section of building above the entry wounds start to fall. By the time they're halfway down, they've disintegrated as did the rest of the concrete structure which was literally pulverized into a fine, very light grey dust that covered downtown Manhattan and everyone in the vicinity.
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