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September 11th Throughout History
Hole in the FacadeC-Ring Exterior Wall
The initial damage to the Pentagon was a direct path that started with a single entrance wound, which was at maximum approximately 18 feet in diameter. That path continued through 6 steel-reinforced walls, and ended after piercing the exterior of the C-ring [third ring] with an approximate 10 foot exit hole. The Pentagon says that this hole was made by a piece of the landing gear.
Initial Damage
Photos that were taken of the facade after the immediate impact show little structural damage, and definitely do not represent the damage that one would think a 60-ton Boeing 757 would inflict at over 500 miles per hour. No damage from the massive wingspan. No extra holes for the 6 ton titanium turbine engines. And no damage above the 2nd floor which would've been made by the tail assembly.
20 minutes after impact the entire 75 foot damaged section of the Pentagon fell, allowing the official report to claim that a commercial jetliner had done this huge amount of damage. Without seeing the pre-collapse photos and photos from the outer wall of the C-ring, one might believe that the official story is actually feasible. But that still wouldn't account for the lack of aircraft debris at the site.
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