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Corroded 757 wheel hub Lightweight metals found in the area
Part of an engine fan assembly
Like the crash in Shanksville, the Pentagon debris yielded very little wreckage that would be consistent with an American Airlines commercial 757 impact. We've seen so many times on the news that when a plane crashes, it leaves a big mess consisting of tons of twisted metal, interspersed with smaller aircraft pieces, luggage and human remains.

In the case of Flight 77, the official ruling was that the entire aircraft and its contents were "vaporized", that's why there were no recognizable parts of the aircraft to be found. This would mean that the initial blast had to have been almost 4 times hotter than the maximum temperature of the fires at the WTC in order to make the amount of wreckage that a Boeing 757 would create just disappear.
To make things even more interesting, the 9/11 Commission Report states that the passengers from Flight 77 were identified by way of fingerprinting. Very strange, considering that the official story says that over 350-tons of steel, including two 6-ton titanium turbine engines, just vanished into thin air.
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