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Aircraft described by witnesses
Dozens of news sources cite dozens of eyewitness accounts of the Pentagon crash which vary from person to person. Reports include claims of seeing an American Airlines 757 jetliner [one saying they "could see faces in the windows"] fly 20-50 feet above the highway, knocking down light and electricity poles, then cruising inches above the ground, bouncing off the lawn and then slamming into the building. Some people said that the plane hit a helicopter on the landing pad first and then tumbled end-over-end into the facade.
The type of the aircraft varies from person to person as well. Witnesses describe seeing or hearing a small 8-12 passenger American Airlines jet, a full-sized American 757, a fighter plane, and even a white jetliner.
Other witnesses who live around the area with military backgrounds said that it "sounded like a missile", and not like any aircraft that they've ever heard. On a televised account, one man said that "it was like a cruise missile with wings." Others reported two "whoosh" sounds followed by two explosions.
Many had reported that they unmistakably saw a C130 military cargo plane fly overhead right after the impact. Remarkably, it was admitted that the C130 had actually been ordered by National Airport to follow and identify Flight 77. That aircraft was the same C130 that would be seen later by witnesses after the alleged crash of Flight 93 in Shanksville, PA.
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