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The only sizably large pieces of debris left in the wreckage of the Twin Towers were steel beams that were around 30 feet or less - just the right size for easy removal by a flatbed trailer. Controlled Demolition, Inc. [CDI] - the company that received a reported $35 billion for the cleanup of the WTC site - boasts on their website about their DREXS demolition technology, which conveniently segments buildings and other structures into sizes that match their clientele's removal equipment. They also mention that their demolitions "facilitate the fast-track debris removal required by ODDC to meet the site clearance schedule".
In a National Geographic television documentary, CDI's founding family, the Loizeaux family is praised for their skills in blowing-up "buildings and just about everything else with extreme accuracy."
CDI was also hired to level and remove the remainder of the Alfred P. Murrah structure in Oklahoma City. Former Attorney General Janet Reno ordered that the building be destroyed after they had established with the American public that Timothy McVeigh was the sole perpetrator of the OKC tragedy. Live television reports that day, however, told of the bomb squad finding two undetonated "military grade explosive devices" that were made by a "bomb expert" inside the building - in addition to the one what went off. Despite this, the entire site was taken down by controlled demolition - strikingly similar to the collapse of WTC Building 7 - and then buried in a landfill, which remains to this day under armed guard.
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