Grand Theft Country Home

Thanks to the video camera, millions of people from around the globe have seen what no modern skyscraper has done in the history of modern engineering: Collapse from fire. At least that's what the Administration and 9/11 Commission would like you to believe. But as any experienced engineer, firefighter, architect or construction worker will tell you - it's not possible.

The "theory" put forth by our governmental officials is that the heat produced by the fire in both towers was so great from the jet fuel that it melted the steel trusses & columns, causing every floor to fall on top of one another. They dubbed this the "pancake" theory.
In the 9/11 Commission Report, they contend that the only support columns were on the outer edge of the towers' construction and that the middle of each building was nothing more than hollowed-out elevator shafts. In reality, there were 47 steel-core columns that ran up the center of each building. The steel used for these columns was some of the thickest, strongest steel to ever be used in construction, and measured over 2-feet in depth. The official theory just doesn't jive when these columns come into the picture.
So why would the Towers collapse completely -- nearly the same as free-fall speed -- without any resistance from the ground floors beneath, while leaving none of the structure standing [except for the small beam assemblies at the base], turning the concrete and office furniture into dust and then shredding the occupants to pieces? We all saw the section of the South Tower above the fires
begin to tip over the edge, so why did it disintegrate into the collapse instead of break off and tumble onto the street?