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Kevin Ryan of Underwriters Laboratories, the company that certified the steel that was used in the construction of the WTC Towers, has challenged the conclusions of the "NIST [National Institute of Standards and Technology] and the WTC" team - a group assigned by the government to investigate how the towers were built and what caused them to fall.

Ryan sent a letter to Dr. Frank Gayle, the man in charge of the investigation [who himself had concluded that the fires in the WTC weren't hot enough to weaken the structure] detailing how the results of the NIST's own tests "appear to indicate that the buildings should have easily withstood the thermal stress caused by pools of burning jet fuel."
Ryan then boldly added, "There is no question that the events of 9/11 are the emotional driving force behind the War on Terror. And the issue of the WTC collapse is at the crux of the story of 9/11."
Not surprisingly, Kevin Ryan was fired for his letter which was originally intended to be a private message. Mr. Ryan then became somewhat of a legend once it was posted to the board at, and ended up appearing on hundreds of 9/11 web sites.
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