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SF Mayor Willie Brown
The San Francisco Chronicle reported that on the morning of September 11th SF Mayor Willie Brown was scheduled to fly cross-country to New York City, but received a warning call only 8 hours prior from a source that he described as his "airport security". They had warned him not to fly to New York the next day, only saying that Americans should be cautious about air travel. He said that he didn't say anything because it "didn't come in any alarming fashion."

No one really knew exactly who made the call. All the mayor would say is that that it came from "my security people at the airport."

The SFC reported that Mike McCarron, the assistant deputy director at the San Francisco Int'l Airport, stated the FAA issues security notices about possible threats on a routine basis. He also added that two or three of these notices were received in the past couple of months, but not in recent days.
Mayor Brown said he thought nothing of the warning he'd received until he was watching the towers and Pentagon burn on television the next morning. Luckily for him, his flight wasn't scheduled to leave until roughly 9am Pacific Time --well after the events had taken place and all air traffic was grounded.
In May 2002 it was reported by Pacifica Radio that the source of the warning call was Condoleezza Rice.
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