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The Coup - Party Music (click to enlarge)
This could be a complete coincidence, [though there seem to be many concerning the events that revolve around 9/11], but West Coast rap duo The Coup had put out an advance graphic of their late 2001 release "Party Music" on their publicity company's web site months before 9/11, which depicted explosions in the Twin Towers at nearly the exact same points that the planes hit. What's more is that the apparent detonation device held by MC Boots Riley is labelled "Covert Labs". Pam the Funkstress is seen holding conductor's batons as if directing an orchestra.
So, let's get this straight: We have The Coup's Covert Labs conducting an orchestra[ted] event which causes fireballs in the WTC almost exactly like the September 11th attacks. Ooookayyyyy...
Boots told the San Francisco Bay Guardian, "The one reason we had that cover was because it was very unrealistic to me that something like that would happen." Then elaborated, "Everyone who listens to the Coup's music knows that [when] we say it's going to be a violent revolution, what that has to do with is millions of people coming together and making the movement. This is not part of a movement—bombing places. I don't think that those kinds of things are anything that people who are interested in the people having power get involved in. It doesn't build people's power at all. If it does anything, it sets up for a military [escalation]."
The album was eventually released with a different cover. The Village Voice reported that it was The Coup's record label that had changed the artwork prior to release.
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