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1996 action film provides yet more anecdotal evidence
of government complicity in 9/11

Steve Watson | 14 April 2004

In a similar vain to the episode of the Lone Gunmen aired on Fox in March 2001, the action film The Long Kiss Goodnight, provides yet more revelations of the method of government complicity in attacks on the World Trade Center. The clip featured on this page not only hints at government complicity in terror attacks in order increase budget spending and ratchet up control, but it also NAMES the World Trade Center as a target.
Referring to the 1993 bombing of the Trade Center, Samuel L Jackson's character is told that the CIA were complicit in the bombing. This is almost accurate, it was in fact the FBI that were COMPLICIT in that bombing. The character is then told in explicit detail by the shadowy government official that 4000 people will be killed in a fake terrorist event on American soil in order to "get some money out of congress". Of course this event will be "blamed on the Muslims, naturally".
Not only is the 4000 eerily accurate, this clip virtually mirrors the Lone Gunmen episode where the shadowy government official tells the "hero" that a large scale fake terror attack will be carried out to create mass fear and total government control. In the Lone Gunman episode, the detail is extremely accurate, as the "attack" is to be a Jet flown into the World Trade Center's North Tower.
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