Grand Theft Country Home
In the months and years prior to 9/11, intelligence agencies from around the globe warned the CIA, FBI, NSA and White House officials about impending terrorist attacks on US soil and against US interests abroad. A good deal of these reports specifically mentioned hijackings and attacks on US landmarks.
The most documented of these warnings are from intel agencies overseas, which include Israel, Britain and even the Taliban [yes, the Taliban]. Add these warnings to the countless reports and warnings uncovered through investigations by the FBI, and you've got pretty much no excuse to simply say, "We had no idea."
Could the attacks have been prevented? Or were they going to take place regardless of the intel our governmental agencies had received? Security measures were allegedly stepped up by the NSA and Secret Service, but who exactly was being protected with this increased security? Who benefitted?
More importantly, we should ask why these warnings weren't announced to the public. Was it a "conscious failure to act," or merely incompetence of our multi-billion dollar intelligence agencies, as our officials would like us to believe?
You decide.