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Middle Eastern school children warned of 9/11 attacks days before
Back on October 11th, 2001 Jeffrey Scott Shapiro reported in the Journal News that on September 6th, just 5 days prior to the attack, a Palestinian freshman at school in Brooklyn, NY was gazing out the window at the Twin Towers. The teacher, Antoinette DiLorenzo, asked "What are you looking at?" With his attention seemingly locked on the towers, he replied, "Do you see those two buildings?" Then points at the WTC and says, "They won't be standing there next week." The boy's 15-year old sophomore brother nudged him with his elbow, told him to be quiet and then said politely to Ms. DiLorenzo, "He's just kidding."
Similar stories were also uncovered and reported in Insight magazine September 10th, 2002 by Mr. Shapiro. The day before 9/11 a Mid-Eastern 6th grader in New Jersey told his teacher to stay away from lower Manhattan because "something bad was going to happen." The next day, NYPD school-safety officers questioned another Mid-Eastern schoolboy-- this time in the Bronx-- for something he said to his peers as they evacuated the school. An investigating officer from NYPD's 40th Precinct said, "He warned them not to ride any city buses because he had been told at his mosque the week before to stay off all public transportation for a while. He said it wouldn't be safe."
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           [copy of Sept 10, 2002 Insight article by Jeffrey Scott Shapiro]